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♦ The property is situated on 19,658 square meters. of land completely fenced borders on all four sides with:
1) State-owned area overlooking the sea;
2) national road n. 18;
3) with the property S.T.I.C ..
   Access is provided by the National road with two entrances, one main and one service.
♦ The structure has n ° 160 rooms for a total of beds ranging from a minimum of 320 to a maximum of 400 depending on the room arrangement (third or fourth bed).
♦ The covered parts are composed of:
A main building with 4 floors above ground floor area covered total of approx. And about 9,845 surface terraces practicable sqm. Approximately 2,205, for a total mc. 30,670 approximately.
Said the building is divided as follows:
- Entrance with concierge, two smaller office workers;
- Management Office;
- Hall with display cases, No. 3 sales centers and parts of living;
- No. 15 rooms for guests;
- Bar;
- Main dining room;
- Dining secondary;
- Office and Pantry;
- Fully equipped kitchen for producing 1,500 meals daily;
- Dining room staff (cafeteria);
- Input service office Bursar to control supply;
- Toilets and changing rooms for the staff (men and women);
- No. 6 cold rooms including 2 for frozen foods;
- Central warehouse;
- Rooms minors.
- No. 78 guest rooms of which n. 7 with direct input from the outside;
- Comfortable lounge for television or game;
- No. 3 office;
- No. 2 toilets.
- No. 62 rooms for guests;
- No. 3 office;
- No. 2 toilets.
- Conference room and meetings;
- Room restaurant;
- No. 2 office;
- Saletta reserved;
- Toilet;
- Rooms of service;
- Panoramic terraces of stay.
- Local elevator machinery;
- Local machinery for extraction.
Fabbricatino called a house with two floors, the floor area of approximately 300 square meters total covered surface and a terrace of about 85 square meters workable.
Said the building is divided as follows:
- Bar, gastronomy and TV room / game;
- Toilet.
- No. 3 rooms with toilets;
- Terrace.
♦ The most important part of the equipment consists of:
♦ No. 2 swimming pools (one for adults and one for children);
♦ No. 2 tennis courts (including 1 lit);
♦ Ranked # 1 soccer field;
♦ N.3 roofs with roof (about 800 square meters) where there are disco, theater, dressing rooms for leisure activities, entertainment clientele, bar.
♦ The open areas are arranged in part in gardens, streets and parking lots, and partly used for amenities and facilities.
♦ The Hotel holds state concession for a waterfront of 150 ml, approximately equal to an area of 7,000 square meters, equipped and managed by about accommodation complex as private beach.
Insist on the same a slipway for small boats and No. 3 piers at sea for mooring boats.
♦ The plants most relevant are:
- Lifting from aquifer water that is collected in a reservoir of approximately 100 cubic meters .;
- Lifting system for the discharge of wastewater in municipal conduct;
- Central heat for domestic hot water production;
- Central and disinfection of swimming pool water treatment;
- Cabin Enel;
- Walk-power plant;
- Generator with all annexes;
- Lifts No. 2 (new plant);
- Service lifts No. 2;
- Climate control rooms;
- Plant conditioning restaurant.
Classe Energetica/ Energy Class: G IPE: 175,00 kWh/m2 anno/ year


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